What We Do

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Energy Efficiency for All Virginia connects the dots between housing affordability, energy costs, and poverty to drive system changes that advance clean energy equity.

Our goal is to increase access to the benefits of clean energy programs and initiatives for low-income and marginalized communities in Virginia.

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Boosting Energy Efficiency Investments

EEFA-VA strives to improve the implementation and service delivery of energy efficiency programs in Virginia. We engage in community outreach to inform our advocacy, build collaborative relationships, and center our work in the experiences of low-income and marginalized Virginians. We create educational materials and host Energy Efficiency Forums throughout the state to increase awareness of and access to weatherization and energy efficiency resources.

Everyone, regardless of their income, has the right to live in a healthy, safe, energy efficient, and affordable home. Our work aims to break the cycle of poverty for Virginia families, and ensure that all low-to-moderate income Virginias can participate fully in the clean energy economy.

Working Together

Our coalition members include many local, state, and national advocates for affordable housing, energy equity, and environmental conservation. In addition, several service providers, weatherization agencies, housing developers, and residential energy efficiency professionals are members as well. 

EEFA-VA has two workgroups to advance our goals: Coalition Building and Outreach & Implementation.

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Our Values

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We believe that all people have the right to participate in determining the quality and future of the places they live. We strive to involve a broad and diverse group of people in developing equitable systems to achieve our mission. The voices and perspectives of people of color and low-income residents must have a central role so that they may have a comprehensive and transformative impact in our communities. We will actively work to strengthen and include marginalized perspectives, support frontline communities, and continuously consider the missing voices at our table.

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Honor and Elevate our Members

We will honor and elevate our members’ strengths and efforts.  We will leverage the assets of our partners with an understanding that their unique expertise makes the collective effort stronger. 

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Shared Goals

As partners, we agree on Coalition priorities and desired outcomes, reaching consensus using this formal process developed by EEFA-CA if necessary. Where consensus can’t be reached, we will honor the ‘one organization, one vote’ structure to ensure that every organization has an equal say regardless of size. Decisions should be fact driven, informed by data, evidence, and knowledge of different perspectives. We recognize we are accountable to each other and the communities our work impacts. Solutions should be bold and visionary, advancing innovative ideas and best practices while being grounded in pragmatism.

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Open, Honest, and Frequent Communication

All members will strive to communicate openly and honestly with each other, committing to transparency about their institutional and personal priorities, as long as sharing such information does not violate organizational confidentiality, undermine organizational interests, or compromise our constituencies. We acknowledge that some information is confidential and cannot be shared. As a member, you commit to being present and engaged on a regular basis in order to support the Coalition’s work.

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Reflection, Evaluation, and Growth

Periodically, members will prioritize time to reflect on the Coalition’s systems, capacity, and shared efforts in order to gain clarity on impact and if expected deliverables were achieved. Based on this evaluation, the Coalition will recalibrate, incorporating what was learned to adjust course and improve efficacy. 

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Graceful Coordination

There are many Coalitions that each of us may be involved with operating at different scales. We seek to complement and coordinate with other Coalitions and collaboratives, using our work to identify new shared priorities, amplify synergies, and pursue innovative solutions.


Mounting interest in addressing the need for multifamily energy efficiency in Virginia brought together numerous housing and energy efficiency groups in 2015. The interest in forming a new coalition was driven by the desire to bring about greater collaboration between the affordable housing and energy efficiency sectors with the goal of fostering greater investment and eliminating barriers to multifamily energy efficiency in Virginia. The result was the formation of the Virginia Multifamily Energy Efficiency Coalition (MFEEC), a diverse, multi-sector group of efficiency advocates, housing developers, housing authorities, Weatherization Assistance Program providers, residential energy professionals, state and national environmental groups, and consumer advocacy groups. 

Inspired by the national Energy Efficiency for All coalition’s efforts to “reimagine” their structure and processes, MFEEC decided to embark on its own reimagining process in 2022 in order to rethink what the coalition should look like and build a more sustainable, equitable coalition structure. Driven by the achievement of policy goals in the multifamily arena and the expansion of energy efficiency program opportunities across the state, the coalition shifted towards the goal of ensuring that these programs are effective in reaching the families that need them most. As a result, the coalition moved away from policy advocacy towards a focus on program implementation and broadened our efforts beyond multifamily housing to encompass low-income renters in all housing types.

To reflect these changes, the coalition name transitioned from the Virginia Multifamily Energy Efficiency Coalition (MFEEC) to the Energy Efficiency for All – Virginia (EEFA-VA) coalition in 2023. This change reflects our group’s new scope of work and the expansion of our mission.